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Sampling Systems


The CoJetix® Sampling System


The CoJetix® sampling system is the highest accuracy sampling system for custody transfer applications in 8" to 52" pipelines. It is a combined fast loop and JetMix system that has a sampling system mounted in a 1" or 2" bypass loop mounted as part of the JetMix loop. The main loop take-off is a 'quill' inserted directly into the pipeline through a valve and seal housing allowing removal under line conditions. Flow is returned to the main pipeline, upstream of the quill by a JetMix mixing nozzle. 

Fast Loop Sampling System

Bypass, or fast loop samplers, have been developed in response to demands for increased accuracy and reduced uncertainty and maintenance costs. A fast loop sampling system provides highly accurate sampling across a wide range of fluids and has a lower measurement uncertainty and higher accuracy than a probe sampler system.

The main components of the Fast loop sampling system are mounted inside a receiver housing allowing them to be easily isolated and serviced without needing to shut down the main pipeline. The receiver housing can be heated if required and may contain multiple receivers with manual or automatic changeover. Sample receivers can be removed to the laboratory where they can be re-mixed with a suitable mixing system prior to sample analysis. 


In-line Sampling System


An In-line sampling system is suitable for 4" to 52" pipelines and uses a probe sampler inserted into the pipeline with a mixing system, installed upstream, if required. The probe sampler is inserted through a seal housing, which allows removal under line conditions.  The head of the probe sampler is enclosed in a housing to protect it from the elements. This housing can be heated to avoid waxing.
A sample is captured from the flow, in the pipeline, and discharged by positive displacement through a downward gradient small-bore pipe (to prevent water traps) into a sample receiver mounted in a housing.