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Sampling Products


Liquid Cell Samplers

Cell samplers for crude oil, liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons and are designed for installation in bypass, quality or analyzer loops. Maintenance and replacment of seals can be performed without removing the sampler from the fast-loop. Established as one of the key instruments in the sample process for fiscal transfer and quality assessment.  

Sample Receivers

A comprehensive range of portable sample receivers designed for storing extracted liquid and gaseous hydrocarbon samples for analysis. Receivers are available for high and low RVP products. The PR range have no dead volume and include a pressure gauge, relief valve and a facility for a customs seal. The PR range has integral mixing pipe-work and keyed connectors for use with an MS-53 laboratory mixer to ensure the homogeneity of analysis samples.

Control Systems

Safe or hazardous area ISO, API and IP compliant sampler controllers that feature a simple and intuitive user interface and include all necessary functions to comply with the sampling standards.