Pneumatic Solutions


Diluted (lean and medium) phase handling

This is the most popular high pressured conveying method. Material moves in a constant flow through a pipeline to one or more intermediate or final receiver silos. The loss of pressure is low.

  • Performance different on-demand - 1 - 200 t / h
  • The flow rate of the material is high - 10 - 30 m /s
  • Due to the high speed transport material is ground to a fine fraction. 
  • Recommended for less abrasive materials or large quantities of material conveyed and      long distances.


Pulse dense phase handling


Used to transport small amounts of abrasive material at low speed with less wear on the pipeline over short distances. Material moves in tightly compressed pulse bunches or so-called "dunes" to one or more intermediate or final receiver silos.                          

  • Pulsing provided by automatically controlled valves.
  • Productivity is low - up to 10 t / h
  • The flow rate of the material is low - 3 - 10 m / c    
  • Also suitable for granular materials.


Benefits of dry pneumatic handling:


- Automated system to prevent congestion – trouble-free continuous functioning.
- Transportation over long distances.             
- Long life due to low speed and wear-resistant materials.
- Simplicity, full automation, integration in distributed control system DCS of the plant.
- Flexibility of technical solutions and configurations according to project. 
- More than 20 years of experience in R&D in technology and know-how to improve                 the efficiency.

Cost efficiency

- Low power consumption.                                     
- High performance.                                             
- Small footprint (small size, little space required) and lightweight equipment.  
- Easy installation and the possibility of fast restructuring, addition or removal of                 equipment.
- Can be retrofitted into existing and working plants.
- No loss of material during transportation
- Direct loading into trucks, road and railway tanks

Low operating costs due to:                

low-speed transportation                                                          
special ceramic lining against wear                            
low spare parts requirements                                                                
minimum number of moving and wearing parts        
minimum maintenance requirements

Environmental friendliness and safety


- leaks from pipes, pollution, waste and dust, clean room
waste water thanks to the dry method of ash disposal
hazardous moving parts
loud noise from operation