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Coal Feeders

Arcon offers a range of coal feed systems and diffusers to the energy industry with brand names associated with quality engineering.

Our gravimetric, rubber belt, pressurized coal feeder is arguably the most reliable, accurate and cost-effective means of feeding raw coal to pulverisers in use today.

This low pressure feeder provides uniform and precise fuel delivery by weight to the combustor, with an accuracy of plus or minus 0.25% of total delivered materials weight.

Made from ¼ inch thick carbon steel shell, the coal feeders are robust, allow long life operation and operate dust-tight at pressures of up to 3psig. (0.2 bars)

Our coal feeder has become the pre-dominant feeder of choice in power plants all over the world.


  • ¼˝ thick carbon steel shell for longer life
  • 3 psi pressure integrity
  • 304 stainless steel in active flow areas to minimise corrosion
  • Large gasketed end and side access doors to facilitate easy feeder entry
  • Fixed levelling bar to maintain constant materials profile
  • Clean Out Conveyor sweeps floor of the feeder to minimise build up
  • Conveyor Drive with optional chain drive
  • Bearings with regreasable head and tail pulley bearings for extended life
  • Weight Sensing System – dual hermetically sealed and simple to align
  • Slack Belt / Positive Wrap pulley
  • Belt Scrapers with ½ inch thick blades
  • Advance MC3 controller standard, touch screen interface