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Blending Applications


Crude Oil Blending

Crude oil blending
Low pressure-drop, high accuracy in-line crude oil blenders for terminal, jetty and pipeline applications that guarantee the blended crude is produced at the lowest cost to meet the required specifications.

Bunker Oil Blending

Bunker fuel oil blending
Barge, jetty, shore or container mounted in-line bunker blenders enable operators to produce any type of fuel oil to very close viscosity and volumetric tolerances.

LNG Blending

An in-line LNG blender allows for the cryogenic blending of “rich” and “lean” LNG to achieve excellent results in quality improvement and cost reduction. The blend quality is dynamically optimised in real-time to meet BTU specification. Annual payback is in the region of $7M - $17M based on a plant producing 3M tonnes a year.