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VARB® - Variable Area Rope Breaker




VARB® is a highly developed and revolutionary non-intrusive rope breaker for Pulverised Fuel (PF). This award winning technology has been recognised by business and environmental groups for its significant potential to reduce carbon emission.

The VARB® can be utilised as a retrofit or an integral part of new build projects for super efficient coal fired plant. Its purpose is to break the ‘rope’ (the tight formation of coal dust in air) and diffuse the PF which is a common condition when transporting coal from mills to burners.

This technology is particularly useful for many older power stations which often have one or two large pipes coming from the mill that split to deliver fuel to 6 or 8 burners. Due to rope formation, coal does not split as equally as the air at these pipe junctions, which results in poor fuel to air distribution.

By applying the VARB® system engineers are able to correct and optimise performance of low NOx burners via their fuel / air diet. Also, with improved fuel flow combustion efficiency can be enhanced reducing unwanted emissions.