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The MillMaster® uses unique patented light sheet technology to determine the size of particles being conveyed in a lean phase pneumatic conveying environment.  The size of particles that can be measured ranges from 0.5 micron to 500 microns for the standard device. 

The device works by illuminating the particles using a laser and generating a light sheet through a specialist optic. The illuminated flow is then captured using a high speed charge-coupled-device (CCD) camera.  The speed of the camera shutter “freezes” the image of the illuminated flow which enables various image processing algorithms to be applied.

Capable of performing several different measurement operations, the MillMaster® counts and sizes the particles in the sample and this size distribution can be arranged in a number of ways to the user. As a default it is arranged into bins of various sizes, indicating the approximate size distribution.

The system can alternatively arrange the information as a Rossin-Rammler distribution, which is more familiar to engineers operating milling groups and classification processes. The programme also calculates and trends the average particle size, the maximum detected and the minimum detected.