Through microwave technology the H-CAM® Carbon-in-Ash Analyser can monitor, control and help optimise flyash for resale while minimising waste going to landfill.

The H-Cam® system takes ash samples from dense phase lines or ash hoppers which are then blown through heated pipes and analysed using a patented process of microwave attenuation and air compression, this measures the carbon density of the ash, establishing its composite qualities and determines its course to recycle or landfill. 

The system can accept ash from multiple samplers up to 30m apart. The cabinet controls each sampler sequentially and is fully automatic. The sampled ash is blown through heated pipe to H-CAM for measurement.

The H-CAM only differs from the G-CAM in that it has a larger reception hopper below the cyclone with level detection to positively detect the amount of ash, and continues the sampling process until sufficient ash has been collected.

The H-CAM then feeds the ash into the microwave wave-guide and uses a patented process of microwave attenuation and phase shift with air compression, over a range of 2-3 GHz to determine the carbon / density of fly ash.

The ash compression technology and density compensation measurements are key for accuracy. They allow the technology to accurately measure even high carbons > 20% when burning coal additives such as bio-mass and petroleum coke. The measured ash is then blown back to another hopper or into a sample jar for lab analysis.

The system can advise, via outputs, the fly ash quality for a control system to decide the routing and fate of the ash measured, or the PLC controller can activate actuators directly to sort fly ash.